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LRANY Announces Launch of www.Scaffoldlaw.org


(ALBANY, NY) A new coalition of New York employers, farmers and others has joined together to make a major push to reform New York‟s century-old "Scaffold Law" to help promote economic growth and recovery throughout New York. www.scaffoldlaw.org – to educate

Under New York‟s Scaffold Law, contractors, employers and property owners are held absolutely liable for "elevation related injuries." When an injured worker sues, the contractor, employer, or owner is automatically liable even if they weren‟t at fault.

New York remains the only state in the nation where a worker is not held responsible for his or her own negligence. Illinois was the last to reform the law, in 1995, and the effect was immediate: 50,000 new jobs and a sharp decrease in workplace injuries. By reforming the law, workplace safety will be improved.

"New York State‟s elected officials must confront the fact that simply doing business here is more expensive than in almost every other state. The Scaffold Law is „Exhibit A‟ of our outdated and biased legal system," said Tom Stebbins, executive director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York (LRANY). "Reforming the Scaffold Law will be a first step to getting our economy moving again and sending a message that much-needed change has reached New York State."

The tremendous costs of the Scaffold Law are passed along to all New Yorkers. Since there is virtually no defense against a million-dollar Scaffold Law suit, the cost of general liability insurance in New York is extremely high, driving up costs for all construction projects, including taxpayer-funded projects like infrastructure improvements and school construction. This has a significant impact on New York: construction costs go up, employers hire fewer workers (or must lay off those they do have) and the economy suffers.

The new Scaffold Law Reform coalition is supporting Assembly Bill 2835 (D- Morelle), which would give New York property owners, business owners, contractors and municipalities the chance to defend themselves in court when an injury occurs due to negligence. The bill would not prevent injured workers from suing their employers or prevent injured workers from receiving workers‟ compensation benefits.

The coalition has launched a new website –

October 04, 2011

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